How to Start a Home Renovation Business

A home renovation business remains fairly profitable irrespective of the state of the economy. During an economic downturn, owners undertake improvements to increase the home value. On the other hand, during an economic upswing, homeowners opt to renovate their homes instead of buying new high-priced ones.

Individuals desiring to start a home improvement business need not necessarily be experts or qualified home building professionals. The actual renovation work can be outsourced to other professionals and skilled laborers. Nonetheless, home renovation owners need to possess the skills necessary to supervise the work. What to do:

• Forming the business – A person wanting to commence a renovation business needs to decide on the form and structure of the company. The business owner can hire a lawyer to prepare a draft of the company’s articles of ownership or visit a legal site online and draft the articles. These have to be filed with the state office where the business is formed.

• Getting the license – The licensing laws are different for each state. However, a general applicable law is to procure a general contractor license or a license as a home renovator/remodeler. For exact details, contact your state’s local business department that provides all the relevant information and the applicable fees.

• Procuring the insurance – A licensed insurance broker can provide all the relevant and applicable insurance laws for a property renovation business. Generally, insurance coverage for any liabilities arising during the renovation is required. Additionally, the home renovation business owner may be required to have a bond to operate.

• Liaison with sub-contractors – Renovating a home requires professionals with numerous technical skills. To offer a complete home renovation package, owners need the services of technicians, such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC consultants, masons and carpenters. Checking the local telephone directory to find suitable contractors to sub-contract the work can be an option. Additionally, the business owner can contact the state’s professional licensing division to procure information on the registered service providers within the area.

• Acquiring the equipment – A property improvement business requires a substantial investment in various equipment such as saws, routers, ladders, levers, extension cords and many others. Procuring these supplies or contracting an equipment provider is crucial for the timely completion of the work.

• Materials procurement and scheduling – The business owner should open a credit line with material suppliers to ensure a continuous and timely supply of building materials. Another important aspect is to schedule deliveries from various sub-contractors onsite as required. Material delivery can affect the renovation time frame.

Once you have done the necessary leg work to set-up a home renovation business, marketing the business is the next important part. Contacting local home inspectors, architects, insurance providers and lenders can assist owners to gain projects. Advertising in various media like print, radio or online is also beneficial.

Savvy Home Improvement Expert Gets an A With Her Patio Fireplace Idea

I’m going to walk you through one of the most interesting summer time ideas I’ve ever seen. A patio fireplace idea, but in the most savvy way.

My former secretary who has moved on to own her own home improvement business often calls me for specific projects. We work together from time to time and we have a blast. But this one, she had to tell me about because she did it all her own.

Items You Will Need

  1. A Patio
  2. Bricks
  3. One Ventless Fireplace Insert

Of course, with the bricks you’ll need mortar. But, that’s really all there is to this list. Now, put on your business suit and get ready to do some negotiation.

First, The Patio

It’s quite obvious that the first thing you need is a patio. It’s a patio project. But, you can actually start a patio with this idea. If you have flat yard extending from the back door or if you can make it flat with no great amount of effort, all you need are a few extra bricks when you are ready to get them.

Placing the bricks in any arrangement is actually fine. But, I prefer an angled approach because it’s easier to square. You simple cut corners out of your bricks and place them in the jagged edges of your patio perimeter. If you can’t cut the bricks, don’t worry. The jagged edges will look natural.

Second, The Bricks

This is the part I love best because anyone can simply go to a lumber yard or a home improvement store and buy bricks. But, it takes a savvy business person to get paid to haul bricks away.

I have been in construction for years. And I have always offered my services to clients that I will haul their excess bricks away. I’ve only had to deal with a few clients who wanted them sent back and a discount on the service. Most homeowners are happy with my work, have already written the check and are more than happy to let me haul their bricks out of sight out of mind.

But, my former secretary tried a new thing this last time. She drove through a home development community where there are houses in all different stages of completion. She found homes where the brick was finished and stacks of bricks sat in the driveway. Instead of offering to haul the bricks away for free, she contacted the homeowners and told them she would give them a great deal on their hauling expenses. When the homeowners agreed, she told me she couldn’t believe it. Not only was she getting what she needed for free, but she was getting paid to take it. Now, I couldn’t do that. But, hats off to her for having the gumption to attempt such a thing.

Finally, The Ventless Gel Fireplace Insert

Just off the patio, you want to build yourself a brick casing. Build a solid foundation that is about three feet high. Then build four columns that rise about another four feet. Then, build a nice roof on your patio fireplace. If you pay attention to what you are doing, you can do this by yourself.

Use string to keep your bricks in line. Use your trowels to scrape excessive mortar off the bricks after you stack them. If you take your time, you can look like a professional.

In the opening that you’ve created with your four columns is where you will put your ventless gel fireplace insert. Of course, you can stack real wood in the fireplace and light it. But, you’ll have fire control to deal with and it’s a heck of a mess when you are finished. Light some Sunjel gel fuel and place it in the insert for just as much fire and heat.

A patio fireplace for less then $300? No, wait a minute. For free. Because with the money she was paid to haul the bricks away, my former secretary was able to purchase a ventless gel fireplace insert no problem at all. Now, that’s a home improvement project with the maximum business savvy.