Double Glazing Windows and Home Improvement Quote Websites – Good or Bad?

I have been in the double glazing business for 2 years now and going to and from potential customers I started to find out that quite a few of the customers had submitted a request through certain quoting websites to receive 3 or more quotes. The type of requests would range from various products including Roofline, Conservatories, Solar Panels, Windows and Kitchen Designs. Some customers were happy with the system but some were really annoyed. One customer I went too had 24 companies contact her after only one website submission and she only wanted 3 quotes. To make matters worse for the customer she didn’t even know what questions to ask when the salesman arrived even though she knew she needed replacement windows.

Are these Quote Sites any good?

I have now begun to question a lot of these quote websites and wonder if they offer anything to the customer other than just a quote or do they give the customer enough ammunition to get the correct facts and make the best choice for the quality of product.

When you look through most of the websites that are intended for the person looking for a quote you begin to get a feeling that most quote websites are intent on the visitor to request a quote by sending their information. But it would be good to find a website that gives the customer as much information about the product that they are looking for whether it’s double glazing windows, Grade A PVC Conservatories, UPVC Roofline or even Kitchen Designs and not charge the customer any money to get the right information. As I looked through many of the websites I became increasingly frustrated at the amount of websites with little or no information on the product that the customer can research.

I think the best type of home improvement quotation website would be one that can give the customer as much information as possible. For example listed below are a few questions that the customer should want to ask if they are interested in having replacement windows;

  • What Grade of PVC is the Window frame made of?
  • What Type of Glass is on the window?
  • What are the windows thermal properties?
  • What type of draught protector is on the window?
  • What type of metal is used for the hinges?
  • How long do we really expect our window to last until it starts to degrade?
  • What type of windows are allowed by the governing law to be fitted in my property?

Above are just some of the questions that we should ask if making an enquiry regarding double glazed windows

I realise these are the type of questions that I would like to know if I was researching on a product. This would enable me to ask the right questions to the window company. But if I do not know what to ask how will I know that I would be getting a great deal. I know from being in the home improvements business I have learned a lot of useful information but I do not know everything there is to know about Kitchen designs, driveways, alarms etc… So I would want the right information for each product.

With all the types of quotation websites that have been up and running for quite a few years now, I’m sure everyone has had an experience of these types of sites or they know someone who has used these types of sites. Looking at most of the PVC Double Glazing Window quote websites out there, does everyone think these quote websites should be the way to go and do they think they should be fully enhanced to offer all manner of advice and help for the customer, even before asking them to submit their details for a quote.

These are some of the intriguing questions that have come to the surface after meeting up with potential clients and being informed of their experience.

Your comments are most welcome regarding your experience of using quote websites